Ask Kagamine Len




meow and stuff

((Just a little thing for the Rin and Len body swap M!A))


"Ah - ask some questions ? 

               Haa , some food would be nice hm … “


((Ey folks, I’ve been on Tumblr for a fair bit but I’d like to let people know that I am accepting asks for my character, Bittersweet. So send me something interesting so I can get to practicing drawing for people! Looking forward to hearing from you all!))


Other prices are what you think my art is worth. You can even pick prices in between but they cannot go lower than the base price.

— Contact me on and provide details of what you want! Tell me if you want transparency or not. I will provide my paypal address in response!

— I don’t draw anthro or animals and no complex designs such as armor. I have limits of what I’m willing to draw.

— Do not pay me until it has been confirmed that I’ve drawn what you wanted.